Majorie Pesek is one of the foremost mixed media artists of her generation and the creator of her unique art form-Layered Imagery.Majorie studied studio art at Southern Methodist University here she developed her Layered Imagery technique and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of St. Thomas, Minnesota. Over the past 25 years, Majorie has perfected her art echnique having created more than 500 custom pieces. She has brought life to a breadth of portrait subjects including the old masters, family portraits, celebrities, sports figures, musicians, yachts, dogs and horses and characters from Warner Brothers and Disney. Her works are held by many private collectors and galleries in the USA and Europe. Majorie was inspired by the photo montage work of David Hockney, and by Pablo Picasso who could create a single painting that showed many different sides of the same person. Majorie explains : “ I call my work Layered Imagery because it describes both the process of creating each piece as well as the visual story it reveals.. Iʼm trying to capture layers of life- to tell a story of the subjectʼs memorable events and its life journey. My clients are often truly moved by the way I interpret their story. Many say that to live with a piece of my art, is to see something different in it each day” Majorie resides in Naples, Florida.